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Drawing Classes in New Orleans - Group art Workshops At The Degas House

150 years ago the famous artist Edgar Degas drew some of his most famous paintings at our historic site. Today we offer drawing lessons at the very same location!

Edgar Degas lived in New Orleans in 1872 in the house on Esplanade Avenue in the Creole Neighborhood called Treme. Here at Degas House we have preserved and restored this transitional point in his life, not only in his personal life but in his style of art as he states in his letters.

Come in for an evening of history, art and culture. The evening includes a tour of the house where Edgar Degas lived and painted 18 paintings, a timeline of his personal history and world history, and a 30-minute documentary of his life in New Orleans, "Degas in New Orleans, a Creole Sojourn". This magical journey also includes an art lesson complete with drawing paper and charcoal pencils provided. Just to make sure the evening is complete for the student market, pizza and pralines will be served.

Drawing Lessons Options:

Option I (Drawing, with Buffet)
  • 3 hours with 1 hour of drawing class
  • Minimum of 25 people; Maximum of 70 people
  • Buffet includes: Green Salad, Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, Pralines, Tea, Water or Lemonade

Option II (Painting, with Buffet)
  • The same as above, but a 1 hour painting class instead.

Option III (Drawing, no Buffet)
  • 2 1/2 hours, with 1 hour of drawing class
  • Minimum of 20 people Maximum of 70 people

Option IV (Painting, no Buffet)
  • 2 1/2 hours, with 1 hour of painting class
  • Minimum of 20 people Maximum of 70 people

For All Options
  • Tea, Lemonade or Water is served with all Options
  • 4 blocks of walking tour
  • 3 week's notices required with 50% deposit required at time of booking
  • Must be paid in full 48 hours before event
  • Free Motor Coach Parking


For booking reservations or more information contact:
tours@degashouse.com or call (504) 821-5009 or (800) 755-6730.

Outside food may not be brought in for these special events.

"Draw lines, young man, and still more lines, both from life and from memory, and you will become a good artist."

- Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Edgar Degas' most influential art teacher