A French Landmark in New Orleans
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In the neighborhood

Cafe Degas (near Degas House)

Sharing our namesake, the French Impressionist master would never have had the opportunity to visit this wonderfully full-service French restaurant, and that's unfortunate for our poor Edgar. This neighborhood favorite is in its 23rd year of service to the public.

Morning call

The New Orleans City Park expansion now includes a new restaurant. "Morning Call", formerly located in the French Quarter, then in Metairie Louisiana, has now moved to the park. Serving up traditional French donuts called Beignets, this traditional New Orleans or desert breakfast meal tastes best topped with powdered sugar and is enjoyed with New Orleans coffee and chicory.

The Duvigneaud house

One of the oldest homes in New Orleans, the Duvigneaud House, was built around 1800 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Louis Duvigneaud was an attorney, judge, and state senator, until the end of the Civil War. During Reconstruction, he was the head of the Louisiana State Conservative Citizens, one of many organizations formed to regain citizens' rights that had been lost after the fall of the Confederacy.

Gondola ride in City Park

Robert Dula, a / k / a Roberto, decided at an early age that he wanted to be a gondolier. He then lived in Venice, Italy and received his training from the Italians. While in Italy, he had his Gondola built. Located in City Park, the gondola is fully equipped with an onboard sound system, so your favorites, like Andrea Bocceli, can be heard floating among the moss-covered oaks that line old Bayou Metairie in City Park. Your embarkation port is on Big Lake, right next to the New Orleans Museum of Art.