A French Landmark in New Orleans
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Degas House, a Historical House Museum

The term "Historical House Museum" is an important designation as historical houses are among the most numerous museums in the country and to be designated as one is an honor. Degas House is a museum...

Rooms named after the family

The rooms at Degas House are named after the family members who lived in each room. This has been documented. However, this does not include the bedrooms in the loft, as that space was added when the home was renovated by the current owner.

Esplanade Avenue history

In the 19th century, Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans, where Degas House is located, was an important route for commerce. It also functioned as a "millionaire row" for the Louisiana Creole section of the city. Today it is a beautiful oak-lined avenue that runs from the Mississippi River to Carrollton Avenue in City Park.