A French Landmark in New Orleans
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New Orleans History tour -
The Creole Impressionist Tour

Ready for one of the highest rated historical tours in New Orleans?

Enjoy oak tree lined Esplanade Avenue and discover the story of the French Creoles, including Edgar Degas and his maternal family, hosted by the Great-Grand Nieces of the artist himself.

This documented historical tour includes exploring both Degas houses and viewing the award winning documentary "Degas in New Orleans, a Creole Sojourn". Also included is the Creole Neighborhood of Edgar Degas Walking Tour, which explores references to the neighborhood included in Degas' New Orleans letters.

Advance purchase required as tours sell out! Get info, check availability and book your Edgar Degas House Creole Impressionist Tour & Neighborhood Tour online today. If you would like to start out with our legendary breakfast as part of our tour, check out our extremely popular Breakfast & Tour option

Includes Documentary, House and Neighborhood Walking Tour

"New Orleans Cotton Exchange" (Portraits in an Office), 1873 Musee des Beaux-Arts, marked the beginning of the official recognition of Impressionism as a significant art movement.

The Creole Impressionist Tour, a historical Walking Tour Hosted By Degas House

Tours Daily at: 10:30 and 1:45. We would love to have you! 

"We took the tour of the Degas property. Very interesting! Who knew Edgar was Creole on his mother's side, and spent 4 months here in 1872... Plus the tour was given by one of his descendants - Joanie was very knowledgeable, insightful and humble."
- Gail N. 

Facts about
Degas House

  • Degas House has been distinguished by The French Ministry of Culture and is included in the French National Order of Arts and Letters
  • It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Degas House is the only home or studio of Edgar Degas open to the public in the world
  • Degas' mother was a native Creole, born in New Orleans
  • Degas created 18 paintings, 4 drawings and 5 letters while in New Orleans
  • According to art historians and Degas scholars, all of Degas' New Orleans paintings were created in the house
  • "Portraits in an Office, the New Orleans Cotton Exchange" dipicts his uncle, Michel Musson's cotton office and is the only known painting of a post Civil War workplace. This is the only Degas painting sold to a museum during his lifetime.
  • Degas resided in Degas House (1872 – 1873) with his maternal relatives, the Musson Family, whose business was cotton.

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Walking Tour at the Degas House
Portrait of Madame Rene De Gas, Estelle Musson, 1872-73 New Orleans Museum of Art

Tours Daily at: 10:30 and 1:45
Portrait of Madame Rene De Gas
"All day long I am among these dear folk, painting and drawing, making portraits of the family." - Edgar Degas, New Orleans, November 11, 1872
Photograph of Edgar Degas
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