A French Landmark in New Orleans
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New Orleans' 12 Most Charming Historic Hotels

New Orleans is one of the greatest historical locations in American history. New Orleans was under Spanish rule until 1803 when it was sold to the United States in the Louisiana purchase. In the 1800s, New Orleans was the wealthiest and third-largest city in the United States. This was because it borders the Gulf of Mexico making it the most powerful port in the country at that time. At this time many beautiful buildings were built that today have been converted into some of the beloved historic hotels in the US. 

In the 1900s, New Orleans became the heart of jazz music, dance halls, and clubs. During this time, the city began to grow as a tourist attraction. To this day visitors are drawn to New Orleans for its culture and festivities. Staying in one of the city's historic hotels is one of the best ways to drink in the rich, historic flavor of New Orleans. 

Why Choose to Stay in a Historical Hotel?

Traveling is one of the best opportunities to experience something new. Staying in a historical hotel while vacationing is a way to time-travel into another culture and adventure into a unique piece of history. Chain hotels can be found everywhere, but you can make your stay in New Orleans one-of-a-kind by choosing a historical hotel. We've made it easy for you and have compiled a list of the top 12 historical hotels in New Orleans!
Degas House Historic Hotel

#1 - The Degas House Historic Hotel

The Degas House is a world-renowned French landmark in the heart of New Orleans. It is a museum, bed and breakfast, and event venue. The Degas House is the only home and studio of the French artist, Edgar Degas. This historic hotel is only the second house in the United States to be included in the French Ministry of Culture's network of the Maisons des Illustres.

The Degas House is a historical artifact. The hotel also includes a unique museum that is known as a "memory museum." A memory museum is a term used to describe a historical home with a collection of memories that trace back to the people that once lived there. The Degas House holds a story from another time and is one of the most charming and romantic stays in New Orleans. Stay at the Degas House and step back into the world of Edgar Degas!
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Hotel Monteleon historic hotel

#2 - Hotel Monteleone

The Hotel Monteleone is found in the Crown Jewel of New Orleans, the French Quarter. This is one of the most historic neighborhoods in New Orleans. Along the same street as the hotel you can find modern boutiques, a reimagined French Market, historic restaurants, and charming antique shops.

This famous hotel was founded by Antonio Monteleone in 1886. The hotel is owned to this day by members of the Monteleone family. It is the last family-owned hotel standing today in New Orleans and as such offers a very authentic cultural experience.

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#3 - Le Pavillon Hotel

The Le Pavillon Hotel is located in the Central Business District of New Orleans. Before becoming a hotel in 1907, it was one of the largest plantation homes in New Orleans. It is known for its lavish and luxurious design. When it originally opened, it was known as the New Hotel Denechaud. It was then renamed in 1913 to the Desoto Hotel. In 1970 it officially became the Le Pavillon Hotel.

One of the crowning historical elements of the Le Pavillon Hotel is that it once housed the New Orleans radio station, WDSU. Today, you can continue to experience the historic New Orleans culture by staying in one of the historic suites and drinking at the Cachette 1907 Bar & Lounge located in the hotel. 
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Le Pavillon Historic Hotel

#4 - The Bienville House

The Bienville House is located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The hotel is named after Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, a Canadian naval officer who explored the Mississippi River in 1699 and established the first permanent settlement in Louisiana.

The hotel was first built in 1835, however, it originally served as a manufacturing plant for Planters Rice Mill. Following its time as a manufacturing plant, it also served as a firehouse, a luxury apartment complex, and then finally a hotel in 1970. It is a quaint and boutique hotel in the French Quarter, nestled in beautiful plants and antique decor.
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#5- Andrew Jackson Hotel

The Andrew Jackson Hotel is located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It is just steps away from the iconic jazz clubs and best food and drinks that New Orleans has to offer.

This hotel is on the site of the U.S. Federal Courthouse that was made famous for fining Andrew Jackson, the then general, for contempt of court in 1815. Today it is known as the most haunted hotel in New Orleans. Along with being a site of a U.S. Federal Courthouse, it has also been the site of an orphanage and boarding school. In 1774, there was a great tragedy and the school burned down. Guests claim to have seen the ghosts of the children who lived there in the halls of the hotel. 
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The Roosevelt New Orleans historic hotel

#6- The Roosevelt New Orleans

The Roosevelt New Orleans is a Waldorf Astoria Hotel located in the heart of downtown New Orleans. It has been operating as a hotel since 1893. Before it was a hotel, it functioned as the home to Huey P. Long, Louisiana governor.

This hotel includes New Orleans historical memorabilia, luxury suites, a rooftop pool, and spa. The Roosevelt New Orleans is the perfect mixture of history and luxury!
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#7- Soder Maison de Ville

The Soder Maison de Ville is a charming hotel located in the French Quarters of New Orleans. Just minutes away from Bourbon Street, the heart of New Orleans. The Maison de Ville was built in 1800 by Jean-Baptiste Lilie Sarpy after the tragic fires in New Orleans in 1788.

At the Soder Maison de Ville you can experience The Big Easy right from your balcony. The music from the bars, restaurants, and clubs resonate through the streets right up to this historic hotel. It has a very quaint, aesthetic energy the guests appreciate.
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#8- The Pontchartrain Hotel

The Pontchartrain Hotel is located in the Garden District of New Orleans. The garden district is a historical melting pot with culture overflowing at every corner. It is a part of "uptown" New Orleans, an area known for its luxury and class.

The Pontchartrain Hotel opened in 1927 as a luxury apartment complex. It was named after Louis XIV court's Count de Pontchartrain. In the 1940s, it was converted into a luxury hotel. Since then it has been renovated and remodeled but still holds its roots in the 1920s flapper era. Take a step back to the 20s and book your stay at The Pontchartrain Hotel.
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#9- NOPSI New Orleans

The NOPSI New Orleans is located in downtown New Orleans. NOPSI stands for the New Orleans Public Service Inc. In the 1920s the citizens of New Orleans would travel to NOPSI to pay their utility bills. In 1980 the NOPSI was relocated and the ground where it once stood became a historical landmark in 2011. The NOPSI New Orleans opened in 2017.

While the NOPSI New Orleans is not a historical building, it rests on one of the most historical landmarks in the city. The hotel is known for its rooftop pool, bar, spacious suites, and meeting rooms. It allows you to experience the history of New Orleans in a modern and luxurious manner. 
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Omni Royal Orleans historic hotel

#10 - Omni Royal Orleans

The Omni Royal Orleans is an elegant and historical hotel located in the French Quarter district of New Orleans. It is in the perfect location to experience The Big Easy. In 1830, James Hewlett built the luxury hotel and called it the "St. Louis Hotel," named after the street in which it resides. The hotel has been known as one of the exclusive retreats in New Orleans for over a century.

Since the 1800s it has been passed from owner to owner until 1986 when Omni Hotels acquired the St. Louis Hotel, renovated it, and renamed it the Omni Royal Orleans. Experience New Orleans' unique artistic style at this vintage, fashionable venue.
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Place D’Armes Historic hotel

#11 - Place D'Armes Hotel

The Place D'Armes Hotel is located in the center of downtown New Orleans. It embodies the warm-charm of the south. The Hotel is made up of restored 18th and 19th century buildings and is surrounded by beautiful and luxurious courtyards. It offers The Big Easy charm to anyone who stays here.

As shown above, it has a beautiful pool guarded by generous shade trees and a luscious garden that frames the whole patio. Experience modern amenities with a historic touch at the Place D'Armes!
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The Eliza Jane historic hotel

#12 - The Eliza Jane

The Eliza Jane Historic Boutique Hotel is located between the French Quarters, the Business District, and the Arts District of New Orleans. The hotel is made up of seven historic warehouse buildings that once housed the Peychaud Bitters Factory, Gulf Baking Soda Company, and the Daily Peychaud.

The hotel is named after Eliza Jane Nicholson who was America's first woman publisher of a major metropolitan newspaper. The hotel embodies the creative and free-spirited nature of Eliza Jane and will keep her legacy alive in New Orleans for generations to come.